Tip #14 Understand Your Strengths And Your Weaknesses

If I asked you today what your three biggest strengths and three biggest weaknesses were what would you say? Would you know the answer? Are you honest with yourself? This Job Tip #14 is fromKigoSpaces Doctor Jobs.

Tip#13 – Build a Skills Database

Building up a database of your skills is an essential support tool for you. It helps you understand your strengths and weaknesses, helps you populate your CV and helps you prepare for the interview. This is Tip #13 from KigoSpaces Doctor Jobs.

Tip 12 # Define Your Achievements

Achievements are those things in your career that you are really proud of. They help demonstrate to employers what you are capable of and differentiate you.

Tip 11 # – Build Your Achievements Database

You will have experienced many high points in your career and these are a useful resource for you to emphasize skill and experience.

Tip 9 # Aligning Your CV To The Job

It is OK to provide a generic CV to a recruitment agent for their file. It is inexcusable to apply for a specific job in this way.  Really inexcusable.

Tip 8 # Building Your CV Profile

Your CV profile is the most important part of your CV. It is the bait on the hook.The bait on the hook needs to match the food the fish is looking for!!!!

Tip 7 # The Right CV Layout

The layout and format of your CV are very important. A CV should be short enough to be interesting and long enough to be useful.

Tip 5 # Develop Your Profile

Your profile is critical. It consists of a number of things: your contacts, your online profile, your involvement in the industry: professional bodies, forums etc. Your profile describes you to potential employers.

Tip 4 # Understand Your Market Value

I have today invented a new aftershave. It is made from natural essences from the far-east, jasmine extract, lavender and just a whiff of London Smog.  I believe it will be a huge success.

Tip 3 # Know Your Marketplace

Do you know what this is? Defining your marketplace is a useful exercise, but be careful, this is not meant to restrict your thinking.


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  • Dear Job Seeker, you are quite capable of getting a really good job or contract if you put your mind to it and sort yourself out.

  • One of the biggest challenges facing contractors and people seeking a permanent job is finding a way of differentiating their application.
  • People often don’t know how to start getting work. It is a skill that perhaps they have not had to worry about for a while.
  • Most people, when asked, feel that they could do a great job, if only they could be given the chance.
  • In business being given a chance often means that you have passed through lots of fairly difficult hoops.
  • Your CV is attractive to the employer, you have relevant skills, you made the shortlist, you have passed an interview or maybe multiple interviews and you are prepared to work for the rate on offer for the terms on offer.
  • The purpose of this consultation is to share some good practices that will help.
  • These tips are not a guarantee of success but is drawing on a wealth of experience from some very successful people.
  • I hope that you find my tips useful and Good Luck with your Job Hunting!