How to use the SWOT Tool to Enhance Your Career

Although the   SWOT   tool is used usually as a strategic planning method, it can be used to evaluate your   Strengths,   Weaknesses,   Opportunities,   and Threats involved in your career planning goals.

Four Useful Tips on Improving Your Skills as a Project Manager

I have mentored a number of PMs over the years and have some common advice.  This post is by John Filicetti, PPM/PMO Consultant and a KigoSpaces contributor.

How To Increase Your Self Confidence Looking For a Job

People can lose their self-confidence being unemployed and looking or a job and can find it difficult to become successful in their job search. 

How To Use The ABCDE Model To Improve Your Presentations

The ‘ABCDE’ model is a tried and tested communications tool for planning, developing and managing communications with any audience including project stakeholders, senior management and suppliers.

Will You Achieve Your Resolutions This Year, to be More Healthy and Spend More Time with Family?

During some coaching workshops some time ago, when I asked attendees if work was more important than  family, 100% of attendees stated “NO”. When I asked the same attendees if work more important than your health, 100% of them stated the same answer “NO“. The question is if work is not the most important thing in life, why

Do You Want a Goal Planner for 2019

Here is a simple one page plan to map out some key actions that you may want to achieve in each of your key areas in 2019. I hope you find it useful and wishing everyone a very successful 2019.

Where Are You Now? What Next?

It is this time of the year when you reflect about what you have achieved this year and what you want to achieve next year. A good basis for planning future goals is to assess where you are now in the key areas of your life and where you want to be the end of

Have You Enough Self Belief To Succeed?

One of the important tool in our lives is self-belief. It plays great role in our lives from childhood to our last breath. I see in my life, those who had self-belief  have become very successful than those they have not. This is a post by a new KigoSpaces contributor, Ilyas Nadeem.

Speaking a “2nd” Language Can Open Up Future Career Opportunities

For professionals, it can widen the market for their job seeking opportunities. For  some people  in  business,  it  can  be  a  key  asset  to  be  to  speak  with  clients  in  their  native tongue. As someone who has  travelled a lot, I have always had a great motivation to speak other languages but with patchy success, I

Eighteen Reasons To Use A Career Coach to Advance Your Career or Get a New Role

A career coach  can  help  you  to  assess  your  current  skills, experience  and  requirements. In addition, a career coach can help you explore your career options and help you create a clear, realistic career action plan to get the promotion or job you want.

Some Things To Think About If You Decide To Look For a New Job in The New Year

As this year is coming to an end, a number of people consider changing their job or a complete career change. As part of searching for a new job, a person may want to think about their career goals for now and the years to come. A powerful way forward is to keep asking questions

How To Prioritise Your Goals Next Year

When planning your goals next year use the Personal Impact Matrix to see where they fit. This simple tool lets you map out where your planned  goals are  going to have the biggest impact.

When Good Enough is Not Good Enough

If you have ever worked in a corporate, it is hard to escape the annual performance review. As a manager every year I had to align my team’s performance reviews with my peer managers.