Multitasking: Choosing the Smallest Fuse of Your Dynamite!

Multitasking: Choosing the Smallest fuse of your dynamites! This post is from Aritra Ghosh, a KigoSpaces contributor, founder of company  “Infotechsolz”.

Sometimes as a Leader, You Also Need to be a Follower

I’ve been in the project leadership game for a long time.  I’ve seen a lot of things.  Had great successes.  Had a few failures.  This is a new post by Jason Orloske,  a KigoSpaces Contributor.

I Don’t Work Fridays!

I DON’T WORK FRIDAYS!:). I said this statement to more than one boss in my career when I was in a reasonably senior position. Of course, the response was what do you mean???

The 5 Significant Qualities of Great Leadership

A true leader knows how to attract people, how to inspire people and how to manage people. This post is from Aritra Ghosh, a KigoSpaces contributor, founder of company  “Infotechsolz”.

How Do You Deal With Workplace Conflicts?

Most people have to deal with workplace conflicts at some stage in their career. Although a Win-Win would be often desirable, it is not often possible, so it necessary to understand the type of conflict you have and choose the most appropriate style to deal with the conflict. This is a new post from Aritra

How Many of the Ten Basic Personal Qualities that Most Successful People Have, Do You Use?

To be a successful professional in any field, there are ten basic personal qualities that is common to everyone that is required whether you want to be a Project Manager, a Project Office Manager or a Senior Leader. This post is by Leonardo Reyes Torres, PMOfficer & PMO Consultant, the first PMO-Certified Consultant in Spain from @PMO

Managing Up with a Difficult Boss

Ever worked for one of these “difficult boss” personalities? Here are a few specific tips you can use to help navigate 3 types of difficult senior leader. Dana Brownlee. Corporate Trainer and Author of “The Unwritten Rules of Managing Up: Project Management Techniques from the Trenches“.