Project Management Procedures and PM Basics Training

This FREE detailed overview document download by John Filicetti, available PPM/PMO Consultant is a useful guide to help project managers through the phases of projects management to provide consistent and repeatable project delivery.

How To Ensure Your Projects Are Successful With Good Risk Management

Projects with risks that are identified and well managed have a greater chance of success. Risk management is an ongoing process to identify potential problems that could arise with a project and successful project management is about identifying all significant risks and mitigating them.

A One Page Overview for Business Process Improvement

Process improvement must add- value over and above the existing processes to improve service and satisfy customer needs while lowering costs and effort. Here is a FREE download of One Page Plan for Business Improvement.

Four Tips To Make Portfolio Management Work

The portfolio management process can help organisations detect duplicate project proposals up front, stop projects not aligned with corporate strategy, and strengthen alignment between IT and business stakeholders. Here are four tips on how to portfolio management successfully.

How To Achieve Recognition For Your PMO Role

Many ask: “I am not recognized in my PMO role. What should I do?”. This post is by Philippe Husser, author of  “The High-Impact PMO  and a KigoSpaces contributor.

How To Perform a PMO Assessment

The aim of a PMO Assessment and Strategy is to assess the current status of project management and the current project portfolio within the organisation. 

An Overview for a PMO Setup and Development

After a PMO secures funding, the next follow-on steps are to set up the PMO and develop the policies, processes, templates, tools and reports.

What is An Enterprise PMO?

With the evolution of Project Management Offices (PMO) within organisations from a department focus to an enterprise focus, many people who are involved in programmes and projects ask “What is an Enterprise PMO?” 

Seven Recommendations for PMOs Willing to Grow Their Career

Many ask: “What career path can a PMO (Project Management Officer) choose? What is the next stage of PMO?”.  Philippe Husser – author of “The High-Impact PMO“, and a KigoSpaces contributor.

One Page Overview of Project Sanity Check Questions For Project Success

As a manager early in my career, it was sometimes surprising that sometimes the basic questions were missed by project managers in a rush to get a project started. Here is a FREE download of a One Page Overview of the Basic Questions,

Basic Project Management is As Simple As Baking a Cake

I have been asked many times by sales people and others how project management is done correctly. Here is a simple example. This post is by John Filicetti, PPM/PMO Consultant and a KigoSpaces contributor.

The Five Phases of a PMO Setup

The PMO set up process can be divided into five phases to make sure a controlled implementation of a PMO takes place with least change impact and maximum engagement with key stakeholders.

How To Transition Successfully From Waterfall to Agile

Currently, the industry has decided that the process is to move from the traditional “waterfall” method to the “Agile” method. Sadly, more and more companies making this move to “Agile” are not seeing success as fast as they are expecting. This post by Bill Dow, co-author: “Project Management Communications Tools” and a KigoSpaces contributor.

How To Do a PMO Inventory in Ten Steps

Over the last fifteen plus years, I have been heavily involved in PMOs in my capacity of building and running them, authoring books, giving presentations, or speaking on the topic. This post and FREE DOWNLOAD by Bill Dow, co-author: “Project Management Communications Tools” and a KigoSpaces contributor.

Why Do We Need A PMO?

It is still a common question “Why Do We Need a PMO?”. The purpose, challenges, functions and structure of a Project Management Office (PMO) will vary from one organisation to another depending on the organisational culture and business requirements. 

Do You Ever Create a Lessons Learned Document, And If So When?

The lessons learned document captures and records the experiences and lessons, you, your team members learn as they execute and deliver the project, This post is by Bill Dow, co-author: “Project Management Communications Tools” and a KigoSpaces contributor.

One Page Plan Overview On How To Reduce Waste With Lean Six Sigma

Here is a FREE DOWNLOAD One Page Plan Overview On How To Reduce Waste With Lean Six Sigma. 

A One Page Overview on How To Implement Enterprise IT Governance

Here is a FREE DOWNLOAD of a One Page Overview on how to implement Enterprise IT Governance.

The Monte Carlo Method and Project Management

This post is by Andres Gago on a very interesting topic on the application of the Monte Carlo method in project management which is cyclical and iterative.

A One Page Overview of Root Cause Analysis To Solve Problems

Root cause analysis (RCA) is a method of problem-solving used for identifying the root causes of faults or problems. Here is a FREE DOWNLOAD of a One Page Overview of Root Cause Analysis to help you solve problems.

JIRA and Project Management: The Elephant In The Room

There are many different project management tools that claim they are optimized for agile teams. Googling “project management tools for agile” returns more than fifty five million results! This post is from Tzvi Zucker, a KigoSpaces contributor.

How To Build An Effective Business Case for PPM Software

Getting executive buy-in to invest in project portfolio management (PPM) software is a huge undertaking for any PMO.  This post which includes a FREE DOWNLOAD on “How to Build An Effective Business Case for PPM software” is from Tim Cundy, Territory Manager for Project Portfolio Office.

Don’t Let Assumptions Make An Ass of You and Me

Unfortunately assumption management is a neglected area of project management and wrong assumptions can truly make an ass of you and me.

One Page Overview of Metrics for a Successful PMO

Developing meaningful PMO metrics for a project management dashboard is a challenge for many Project Management Offices. Here is a FREE Download of One Page of PMO Metrics for an Effective PMO.

What are the Minimum Project Management Communication Tools To Use on Your Project?

I get asked continually “What is the minimum set of communication tools I can use on my projects?”. This post is from Bill Dow co-author of  Project Management Communication Tools.

How Good is Your PMO?

With the future growth of many companies depending on the successful strategic investments in core projects, effective project management governance is becoming a key shareholder focus. The PMO Audit question is “How good is your PMO?”

The Culture of Success and Stakeholder Management

Let me preface this by saying I spend a lot of time on stakeholder engagement and management. This post is from Jason Orloske, a regular KigoSpaces Contributor.

Tennis and Project Management – May the Two Worlds Collide!

I love tennis, I mean I love it! When I’m not at my corporate day job, I am thinking about tennis all the time. I have been playing for more than 45 years and there is not a day that goes by that I am not thinking about tennis. This post is from Bill Dow co-author

Governance is a 4 Letter Word

This second topic in the  “Culture of Success” series is about Project Governance with a focus on project and program selection. This post is from Jason Orloske, a regular KigoSpaces Contributor.

What is a Successful Project?

I have worked with some organisations, each of which had different Success/Failure definitions. This post is from a new KigoSpaces contributor, Majed Abdeen, CEO at EYA.

How To Create a PMO Charter

The PMO Charter defines a Project Management Office  and establishes the purpose of the PMO’s existence.  

A One Page Plan On How To Set-up a PMO

A Project Management Office (PMO) is a department that defines and maintains standards and processes for project management within the organisation.

What’s your biggest pain point when implementing change management initiatives?

What’s your biggest pain point when implementing change management initiatives?

What Services Does Your PMO Offer To Your Organisation?

The type and number of PMO services that you offer will often depend on the scope and functions of your project management office and the responsibilities of the project managers within the organisation.

Why and How Agile Project Management Offices Deliver Value in a Complex World

Delivering value is a key goal for project management offices. This is especially difficult in a world that becomes ever more complex. This post is by Philippe Husser, author of the The High-Impact PMO  and a KigoSpaces contributor.

Should the PMO be a Source for Project Career Information?

An effective PMO can take part in career development by working with the resource managers to create job families and the levels/skills needed for each level. This post is from John Filicetti.

Why do Project Managers keep forgetting Organisation Change Management?

One of the biggest failures project managers experience when executing their projects stems from the lack of understanding of Organizational Change Management (OCM). This post is from Bill Dow co-author of  Project Management Communication Tools.

To Survive a PMO Must Embrace Continuous Improvement

It is a critical success factor for a PMO to thrive and survive has a strategy for continuous improvement and to add value, not bureaucracy.

A Key Aspect of Implementing Change is Understand The Status Quo

When creating something new, there is always an act of destruction. When implementing the change you replace the old Status Quo known to everyone, with a mere vision of a goal in the future. This post is by Peter de Jager, a KigoSpaces contributor.

Culture of Success: It Started with a Stress Ball (Post #1)

The first time I heard the term “culture of success,” I was looking at a consultant who was presenting our new project management process. This is a series of ten posts by Jason Orloske, a regular excellent KigoSpaces Contributor.

Order and Absence of Order: What Can You Do As a PMO?

“Systems that endure – that is, are sustainable – lie in dynamic balance somewhere between these two poles of order and disorder, efficient performance and adaptive resilience”. This post is by Philippe Husser, author of The High-Impact PMO  and KigoSpaces’ Doctor PMO.

Which Project Management Tool is Right for My Organisation?

I have been asked to give my insights about Project Management Tools. This is a new post by John Filicetti, the KigoSpaces Doctor PM.

A Key Success Factor To Implementing Change Is To Understand the Change

Before we implement Change, it’s imperative we understand all the reasons for it. We must become experts in the Change being proposed or reacted to, because people will look to us for answers. They might even look to us for guidance.This post is by Peter de Jager, a KigoSpaces contributor.

What is a Good Project Manager?

I have been in the project management for the last 26 years and one of the questions I get asked all the time is “How do I get started in project management?”.  This post is by Bill Dow, the author of “The Tactical Guide for Building a PMO” and a KigoSpaces contributor.

What’s the Impact of a Lack of Accountability for Project Status and Outcomes?

How does lack of accountability for project status and outcomes affect a Continuous Improvement Project?

Why Does a Lean Project Group Need a Portfolio Management System?

Why does a Continuous Improvement or Lean group need a Project Portfolio Management (PPM) or Project Management Information Solution (PMIS)?

What are Some of the Skills a Good PM will Need to Do Their Job?

Being a Good Project Manager can require a large range of diverse skills including the basic project management skills.

What are the Differences Between CapEx and OpEx?

This is a common problem for PM’s to distinguish between Capital Expense (CapEx) and Operational Expense (OpEx).

How To Plan and Write An Effective Project Charter

When Bruce Taylor and I wrote the Project Management Communications Bible back in 2008, one of the key parts of that book, that really never got the love it deserved was the planning sections for each of the tools.  Bill Dow the author of “The Tactical Guide for Building a PMO and a KigoSpaces contributor, explains now the missing

What Designates a Project Risk or an Issue?

What is the difference between a risk and an issue and how do you manage each?A risk is something that may happen. An issue is something that is happening.

How Effective Is Your Project Stakeholder Management Plan?

Communications are the fuel that drives project success, and the mishandling of it is one of the top 5 reasons why change projects fail. It is critical that a project manager ensures that quality and effective communications for a project is a top priority.

There Are No Silver Bullets For Change

How should we implement change.? It’s a simple enough question, surely there’s a simple answer  especially since we get to do it so often. Surely we’re intelligent enough to sift out the good from the bad? Perhaps. This post is by Peter de Jager, a KigoSpaces contributor.

The Holistic View For Successful Programme Management

Programme management is different to project management as it requires a more holistic view of the business strategy of the organisation.

Six Degrees of Quality for a Successful PMO Manager

Becoming a successful PMO manager requires a broad set of skills apart from having a solid background in project management. The depth of each skill required will depend on the readiness of the organisation for a centralised PMO function.

Two One Page Overviews For Improving Business Processes?

Many business processes have not kept up with the changing marketplace and are now seen as a major impediment for organisations to compete in the current marketplace. Here are 2 FREE One Page Overviews 1) Process Mapping and 2) Business Process Improvements.

How To Have Effective Project Status Meetings

Whatever the type of project you have to have a status meeting. The purpose of the project status meeting is to get and communicate the status about the project.  This is a new post  by Bill Dow, co-author: “Project Management Communications Tools” and a KigoSpaces contributor.

How to Lead Your Team Through the Storm of Change

Having managed multiple organizational change projects in several companies, including several physical office moves, I have picked up multiple tips and tricks on how to help your colleagues through this process. In this post, Stephanie Jaeger, a new KigoSpaces contributor, wants to share those that I found most important.

How To Make Your Projects Smarter….Not To Fail!

We can show project managers survey after survey on why projects fail and it really doesn’t matter. If project managers don’t see value, in collecting Lessons Learned information, they won’t do it. This post is by  Bill Dow, co-author: “Project Management Communications Tools” and a KigoSpaces contributor.

What is Your Organisation’s Readiness for a PMO?

As part of implementing a successful PMO, a key step is to decide on the best PMO approach for an organisation and this depends on having a detailed readiness assessment of the culture and organisation for a Project Management Office.

A FREE One Page Overview of Successful Project Portfolio Management

The fundamental objective of Project Portfolio Management (PPM) is to determine the optimal mix and sequencing of proposed projects to best achieve the organisation’s overall business objectives typically expressed in hard economic measures and business strategy goals. Here is a FREE download of a One Page Overview of Successful Portfolio Management.

Should Implementing Change Be Like Motherhood and Apple Pie?

How should we implement change.? It’s a simple enough question, surely there’s a simple answer — especially since we get to do it so often. Surely we’re intelligent enough to sift out the good from the bad? Perhaps. This post which is a long but essential read for implementing successful change is by Peter de

Best Practices for a PMO Implementation

When implementing a Project Management Office (PMO), it is recommended to stage the implementation in stages as part of a transition to reduce the impact of the change and to have extra time to gain commitment for adopting PMO processes and reporting.

PM’s Discount Risk Management At Their Own Peril!

Risk Management when it is done at all, is usually given an initial glance at the start of a project and then is carried out during the project as just a tick in the box. PM’s who discount thorough Risk Management in their projects, do so at their own peril!

A FREE Download of a One Page Overview for a PMO Communications Plan

A key success factor for a PMO is to have an effective communications plan. Here is a FREE Download of a One Page Overview for a PMO Communications Plan.

Implementing A Successful Change Project

Organisational Change Programs are difficult at the best of times.There are a number of critical success factors for a change program to be successfully implemented within an organisation. By focusing on these critical success factors and mitigating the challenges helps to deliver a successful change outcome.

PMO Failure is Not an Option

Two key reasons why a PMO fails is that their value proposition was not simple and measurable and a lack of perception that PMO is having any visible impact on projects. If a PMO creates the right metrics and engages with all its stakeholders including the PMs, then failure will not be an option.

How To Get Buy-in from Different Project Stakeholders

During my almost 20 years experience managing projects in both the Health Care and the IT Sector I realized that Project Managers and Change Managers often face resistance from either Stakeholders or Team Members. To ease this process there are a lot of different tools one can use to get buy-in from stakeholders. This post is by Stephanie

Five Key Steps To Successfully Setting Up a PMO

I have managed projects for over 20 years and have experienced many different project management set-ups over the years. Having set up PMOs and their processes in 2 different companies myself, has taught me a number of essential lessons that will help anyone wanting to set up a PMO.  This post is by Stephanie Jaeger, a

Teach Your Staff To Become Waste Walkers

Teach your staff to do the ‘WASTE WALK’ to digitally capture, analyse and report process improvement ideas efficiently while giving your decision makers the vehicle they need to put your organisation on the path to innovation

Proggio Project Management Tool Introduction

Proggio is based on a holistic approach to project management, placing people in the center, not tasks.  Existing project management software does not reflect this kind of project planning or project management so this where Proggio comes in. This post is from Tzvi Zucker, a KigoSpaces contributor.

Your Project Resources Are Normally Your Greatest Cost. Can You Track Them?

Your project resources are normally your greatest cost. You should want to and be able to track them. This post is by John Filicetti, PPM/PMO Consultant and a KigoSpaces contributor.

Japan “Lean Thinking” Immersion Tour in March 2019

Join us in March of 2019 here in Japan for yet another powerful life changing experience by engaging, questioning and learning how many companies have developed and engaged leadership in driving end to end changes. This post is by DJ Duarte, a new KigoSpaces contributor.

A Fool With a Tool is Still a Fool

There is an expression “A fool with a tool is still a fool” and this thinking extends to organisations believing that providing methodologies and tools to manage projects are sufficient to ensure the success of a PMO. This post is by Leonardo Reyes Torres, PMOfficer & PMO Consultant, the first PMO-Certified Consultant in Spain from @PMO Global

Do You Know That Poor Project Communications is a Common Theme Why Projects Fail

The only way to solve project problems is by communicating, there is no other way.  Many surveys of failed projects show that poor communications is the # 1 reason for project failure. This post is by  Bill Dow, co-author: “Project Management Communications Tools” and a KigoSpaces contributor.

Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Your Projects To India

The outsourcing of projects is becoming a standard practice where 71%  of companies outsource their projects to an expert team including tech giants like Apple. This post is from Aritra Ghosh, a KigoSpaces contributor, founder of company  “Infotechsolz”.

There is No Such Thing as a Capital or Operational Resource or Project

I have heard people designate projects and people as Operational or Capital, there is no such thing as a Capital or Operational resource or project. This is a detailed post on Capital versus Operating expenses by John Filicetti, PPM/PMO Consultant and a KigoSpaces contributor.

Five Steps To Stop a Failing Project

Practically at least once if we are a PMO manager, we have had a “project in trouble” that for various reasons is in a “critical state in the emergency room” because it is about to be closed and / or canceled for not meeting the client’s expectations. This post is by Leonardo Reyes Torres, PMOfficer &

Why Do Large Government Public Projects Fail?

Even with a wealth of project management best practices available, there is a long list of notable government public project failures which have significantly failed to achieve some or all of their objectives. Significant cost overruns from poor budgeting can not always be blamed on the project managers or developers.

Are You Managing Your Dependencies in Your Projects?

It can be at a Project Manager’s peril if they have not identified all the dependencies in their projects, whether they are external or internal dependencies, that can lead to an unsuccessful project outcome. It is often the case that dependency management is often like risk management in that is just paid lip service and

Here are 25 Benefits For Why a PMO. How Many Benefits Does Your PMO Provide?

A Project Management Office (PMO) is the administrative mechanism by which a focal point is provided for organisational project management activities. An effective Project Management Office is aligned with the strategic planning goals of the organisation and should be able to show visible value to the bottom-line.

No Man Ever Steps in the Same River Twice

When Heraclitus made this quote and others, some 2500 years ago,  he was spot-on with his insistence on ever-present change as being the fundamental essence of the universe which is more true today than ever for everyone including men, women and even children. This post is  from a new KigoSpaces contributor, Aritra Ghosh, on what change management is and some

Why You Need a Project Portfolio Management Solution #2

If utilised, a Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution can bring a great return on investment. Here are some points to think about from my 20 years of using, helping to sell, and implementing PPM solutions. This is a new post by John Filicetti, PPM/PMO Consultant and a regular KigoSpaces contributor.

It Doesn’t Need to be a Perfect Plan to Start!

I was working with a potential new client on an initiative they’d been considering for over a year.  It was a manufacturing process technology they knew would add value and drive efficiency to their operations.  But alas, they never got past the initial discussions. This is a new post by Jason Orloske, Founder, BTG Consulting and regular

Why You Need To Have a Project Portfolio Management Solution

A healthy organisation uses PPM continuously to score, prioritise, select, and manage new and in-flight projects with the same evaluation criteria.This is a new post by John Filicetti, PPM/PMO Consultant and a KigoSpaces contributor.

How To Do a Successful Management Process Improvement Project

I have been asked many times to help companies improve their project management process. This is a new post by John Filicetti, a very experienced PPM/PMO Consultant and a regular KigoSpaces contributor.

Some Useful MS Project Schedule Tips and Techniques

In my experience over the last 45+ years, I have found that there are some simple tricks and techniques that project managers need to follow in order to have a solid MS Project schedule. This post by Bruce Taylor, a new KigoSpaces Contributor and co-author of  Project Management Communication Tools.

What is Cognitive Dissonance in Change Management?

This post and video is by  Hitendera Dubey, Vice President, Strategy and Change at HSBC and a KigoSpaces Contributor, explains  how to address one of the key but very subtle aspects of resistance in Change Management, i.e. Cognitive Dissonance.

Why a PMO Should Offer Consulting

With a PMO providing consulting, a PMO has a great opportunity within an organisation to prove its value and visibility at all stages of the project management lifecycle.

Why Have an IT PMO?

IT organisations have constant demands for new software and hardware with shorter implementation times and less disruption and negative impact to business as usual. At the same time they need to ensure their efforts and resources are aligned with business strategy ie. they are doing the right things at the right time in the right

Would A Powerful Project Portfolio Progress Report Be Useful?

Executives as well as all project portfolio sponsors need to make critical decisions. They need real-time forward-looking visibility on their strategic initiative or project portfolio status. Consistency in reporting this status is important.

Are You Avoiding These Programme Challenges and Difficulties?

For large business programmes, some of the standard project management challenges and difficulties unless avoided can have have a much bigger impact on the outcome for a successful programme.

PMO: Sorry We Are Closed Forever!

During the last few years, Bill Dow, the author of “The Tactical Guide for Building a PMO” and a KigoSpaces contributor has been asked about shutting down a PMO. So, in this post, Bill will address those steps.


Method123 markets PM Templates and Tools. Their 2 flagship products are a complete set on project management templates and MPMM (Method123 Project Management Methodology) which is a Windows based software programme.

Why Are Projects Running Ever Faster?

This is another interesting extract from the High Impact PMO by Philippe Husser, the author and a KigoSpaces Contributor. This is a LONG but interesting read about entropy and it is a topic that is notoriously difficult to wrap our heads around (at least mine) and its relevance to Project Management. Well worth a read from Philippe

Project Management: The Sketches

Hi it’s Nigel Creaser here, Ken Martin of has kindly allowed me to share some information about my new book.  Project Management: The Sketches. The book is a collection of 12, count them 12 humorous sketches and songs about this great project management profession of ours.