Project Management Procedures and PM Basics Training

This FREE detailed overview document download by John Filicetti, available PPM/PMO Consultant is a useful guide to help project managers through the phases of projects management to provide consistent and repeatable project delivery.

How To Ensure Your Projects Are Successful With Good Risk Management

Projects with risks that are identified and well managed have a greater chance of success. Risk management is an ongoing process to identify potential problems that could arise with a project and successful project management is about identifying all significant risks and mitigating them.

A One Page Overview for Business Process Improvement

Process improvement must add- value over and above the existing processes to improve service and satisfy customer needs while lowering costs and effort. Here is a FREE download of One Page Plan for Business Improvement.

Four Tips To Make Portfolio Management Work

The portfolio management process can help organisations detect duplicate project proposals up front, stop projects not aligned with corporate strategy, and strengthen alignment between IT and business stakeholders. Here are four tips on how to portfolio management successfully.

How To Achieve Recognition For Your PMO Role

Many ask: “I am not recognized in my PMO role. What should I do?”. This post is by Philippe Husser, author of  “The High-Impact PMO  and a KigoSpaces contributor.

How To Perform a PMO Assessment

The aim of a PMO Assessment and Strategy is to assess the current status of project management and the current project portfolio within the organisation. 

An Overview for a PMO Setup and Development

After a PMO secures funding, the next follow-on steps are to set up the PMO and develop the policies, processes, templates, tools and reports.

What is An Enterprise PMO?

With the evolution of Project Management Offices (PMO) within organisations from a department focus to an enterprise focus, many people who are involved in programmes and projects ask “What is an Enterprise PMO?” 

Seven Recommendations for PMOs Willing to Grow Their Career

Many ask: “What career path can a PMO (Project Management Officer) choose? What is the next stage of PMO?”.  Philippe Husser – author of “The High-Impact PMO“, and a KigoSpaces contributor.

One Page Overview of Project Sanity Check Questions For Project Success

As a manager early in my career, it was sometimes surprising that sometimes the basic questions were missed by project managers in a rush to get a project started. Here is a FREE download of a One Page Overview of the Basic Questions,

Basic Project Management is As Simple As Baking a Cake

I have been asked many times by sales people and others how project management is done correctly. Here is a simple example. This post is by John Filicetti, PPM/PMO Consultant and a KigoSpaces contributor.

The Five Phases of a PMO Setup

The PMO set up process can be divided into five phases to make sure a controlled implementation of a PMO takes place with least change impact and maximum engagement with key stakeholders.

How To Transition Successfully From Waterfall to Agile

Currently, the industry has decided that the process is to move from the traditional “waterfall” method to the “Agile” method. Sadly, more and more companies making this move to “Agile” are not seeing success as fast as they are expecting. This post by Bill Dow, co-author: “Project Management Communications Tools” and a KigoSpaces contributor.

How To Do a PMO Inventory in Ten Steps

Over the last fifteen plus years, I have been heavily involved in PMOs in my capacity of building and running them, authoring books, giving presentations, or speaking on the topic. This post and FREE DOWNLOAD by Bill Dow, co-author: “Project Management Communications Tools” and a KigoSpaces contributor.

Why Do We Need A PMO?

It is still a common question “Why Do We Need a PMO?”. The purpose, challenges, functions and structure of a Project Management Office (PMO) will vary from one organisation to another depending on the organisational culture and business requirements. 

Do You Ever Create a Lessons Learned Document, And If So When?

The lessons learned document captures and records the experiences and lessons, you, your team members learn as they execute and deliver the project, This post is by Bill Dow, co-author: “Project Management Communications Tools” and a KigoSpaces contributor.

One Page Plan Overview On How To Reduce Waste With Lean Six Sigma

Here is a FREE DOWNLOAD One Page Plan Overview On How To Reduce Waste With Lean Six Sigma. 

A One Page Overview on How To Implement Enterprise IT Governance

Here is a FREE DOWNLOAD of a One Page Overview on how to implement Enterprise IT Governance.

The Monte Carlo Method and Project Management

This post is by Andres Gago on a very interesting topic on the application of the Monte Carlo method in project management which is cyclical and iterative.

A One Page Overview of Root Cause Analysis To Solve Problems

Root cause analysis (RCA) is a method of problem-solving used for identifying the root causes of faults or problems. Here is a FREE DOWNLOAD of a One Page Overview of Root Cause Analysis to help you solve problems.

JIRA and Project Management: The Elephant In The Room

There are many different project management tools that claim they are optimized for agile teams. Googling “project management tools for agile” returns more than fifty five million results! This post is from Tzvi Zucker, a KigoSpaces contributor.

How To Build An Effective Business Case for PPM Software

Getting executive buy-in to invest in project portfolio management (PPM) software is a huge undertaking for any PMO.  This post which includes a FREE DOWNLOAD on “How to Build An Effective Business Case for PPM software” is from Tim Cundy, Territory Manager for Project Portfolio Office.

Don’t Let Assumptions Make An Ass of You and Me

Unfortunately assumption management is a neglected area of project management and wrong assumptions can truly make an ass of you and me.

One Page Overview of Metrics for a Successful PMO

Developing meaningful PMO metrics for a project management dashboard is a challenge for many Project Management Offices. Here is a FREE Download of One Page of PMO Metrics for an Effective PMO.