Why do Project Managers keep forgetting Organisation Change Management?

One of the biggest failures project managers experience when executing their projects stems from the lack of understanding of Organizational Change Management (OCM). This post is from Bill Dow co-author of  Project Management Communication Tools.

The Holistic View For Successful Programme Management

Programme management is different to project management as it requires a more holistic view of the business strategy of the organisation.

How To Make Your Projects Smarter….Not To Fail!

We can show project managers survey after survey on why projects fail and it really doesn’t matter. If project managers don’t see value, in collecting Lessons Learned information, they won’t do it. This post is by  Bill Dow, co-author: “Project Management Communications Tools” and a KigoSpaces contributor.

Implementing A Successful Change Project

Organisational Change Programs are difficult at the best of times.There are a number of critical success factors for a change program to be successfully implemented within an organisation. By focusing on these critical success factors and mitigating the challenges helps to deliver a successful change outcome.

No Man Ever Steps in the Same River Twice

When Heraclitus made this quote and others, some 2500 years ago,  he was spot-on with his insistence on ever-present change as being the fundamental essence of the universe which is more true today than ever for everyone including men, women and even children. This post is  from a new KigoSpaces contributor, Aritra Ghosh, on what change management is and some

Are You Avoiding These Programme Challenges and Difficulties?

For large business programmes, some of the standard project management challenges and difficulties unless avoided can have have a much bigger impact on the outcome for a successful programme.