Project Management Procedures and PM Basics Training

This FREE detailed overview document download by John Filicetti, available PPM/PMO Consultant is a useful guide to help project managers through the phases of projects management to provide consistent and repeatable project delivery.

Basic Project Management is As Simple As Baking a Cake

I have been asked many times by sales people and others how project management is done correctly. Here is a simple example. This post is by John Filicetti, PPM/PMO Consultant and a KigoSpaces contributor.

Do You Ever Create a Lessons Learned Document, And If So When?

The lessons learned document captures and records the experiences and lessons, you, your team members learn as they execute and deliver the project, This post is by Bill Dow, co-author: “Project Management Communications Tools” and a KigoSpaces contributor.

One Page Plan Overview On How To Reduce Waste With Lean Six Sigma

Here is a FREE DOWNLOAD One Page Plan Overview On How To Reduce Waste With Lean Six Sigma. 

The Monte Carlo Method and Project Management

This post is by Andres Gago on a very interesting topic on the application of the Monte Carlo method in project management which is cyclical and iterative.

JIRA and Project Management: The Elephant In The Room

There are many different project management tools that claim they are optimized for agile teams. Googling “project management tools for agile” returns more than fifty five million results! This post is from Tzvi Zucker, a KigoSpaces contributor.

What are the Minimum Project Management Communication Tools To Use on Your Project?

I get asked continually “What is the minimum set of communication tools I can use on my projects?”. This post is from Bill Dow co-author of  Project Management Communication Tools.

The Culture of Success and Stakeholder Management

Let me preface this by saying I spend a lot of time on stakeholder engagement and management. This post is from Jason Orloske, a regular KigoSpaces Contributor.

Tennis and Project Management – May the Two Worlds Collide!

I love tennis, I mean I love it! When I’m not at my corporate day job, I am thinking about tennis all the time. I have been playing for more than 45 years and there is not a day that goes by that I am not thinking about tennis. This post is from Bill Dow co-author

Governance is a 4 Letter Word

This second topic in the  “Culture of Success” series is about Project Governance with a focus on project and program selection. This post is from Jason Orloske, a regular KigoSpaces Contributor.

What is a Successful Project?

I have worked with some organisations, each of which had different Success/Failure definitions. This post is from a new KigoSpaces contributor, Majed Abdeen, CEO at EYA.

Culture of Success: It Started with a Stress Ball (Post #1)

The first time I heard the term “culture of success,” I was looking at a consultant who was presenting our new project management process. This is a series of ten posts by Jason Orloske, a regular excellent KigoSpaces Contributor.

What is a Good Project Manager?

I have been in the project management for the last 26 years and one of the questions I get asked all the time is “How do I get started in project management?”.  This post is by Bill Dow, the author of “The Tactical Guide for Building a PMO” and a KigoSpaces contributor.

What’s the Impact of a Lack of Accountability for Project Status and Outcomes?

How does lack of accountability for project status and outcomes affect a Continuous Improvement Project?

Why Does a Lean Project Group Need a Portfolio Management System?

Why does a Continuous Improvement or Lean group need a Project Portfolio Management (PPM) or Project Management Information Solution (PMIS)?

What are Some of the Skills a Good PM will Need to Do Their Job?

Being a Good Project Manager can require a large range of diverse skills including the basic project management skills.

What are the Differences Between CapEx and OpEx?

This is a common problem for PM’s to distinguish between Capital Expense (CapEx) and Operational Expense (OpEx).

How To Plan and Write An Effective Project Charter

When Bruce Taylor and I wrote the Project Management Communications Bible back in 2008, one of the key parts of that book, that really never got the love it deserved was the planning sections for each of the tools.  Bill Dow the author of “The Tactical Guide for Building a PMO and a KigoSpaces contributor, explains now the missing

What Designates a Project Risk or an Issue?

What is the difference between a risk and an issue and how do you manage each?A risk is something that may happen. An issue is something that is happening.

How To Have Effective Project Status Meetings

Whatever the type of project you have to have a status meeting. The purpose of the project status meeting is to get and communicate the status about the project.  This is a new post  by Bill Dow, co-author: “Project Management Communications Tools” and a KigoSpaces contributor.

Do You Know That Poor Project Communications is a Common Theme Why Projects Fail

The only way to solve project problems is by communicating, there is no other way.  Many surveys of failed projects show that poor communications is the # 1 reason for project failure. This post is by  Bill Dow, co-author: “Project Management Communications Tools” and a KigoSpaces contributor.

Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Your Projects To India

The outsourcing of projects is becoming a standard practice where 71%  of companies outsource their projects to an expert team including tech giants like Apple. This post is from Aritra Ghosh, a KigoSpaces contributor, founder of company  “Infotechsolz”.

There is No Such Thing as a Capital or Operational Resource or Project

I have heard people designate projects and people as Operational or Capital, there is no such thing as a Capital or Operational resource or project. This is a detailed post on Capital versus Operating expenses by John Filicetti, PPM/PMO Consultant and a KigoSpaces contributor.

Why Do Large Government Public Projects Fail?

Even with a wealth of project management best practices available, there is a long list of notable government public project failures which have significantly failed to achieve some or all of their objectives. Significant cost overruns from poor budgeting can not always be blamed on the project managers or developers.