What is the “TO BE” state for a Digital Transformation Vision?

What is the Operation Excellence “TO BE” state with Digital Transformation? What is the vision and what are the requirements to achieve that vision.

What is the Quality of Software?

The quality of software is a standard or level. It is understood for software quality when it is free from defects, delivered on time and on a budget, fulfils the requirements and expectations, and is maintainable. This post is by Jordi Comas, a KigoSpaces contributor.

Everyone Wants Digital Transformation. But What Is It?

Many people on Boardrooms around the globe know that they need a Digital Transformation, after all, it is the latest silver bullet, the must have thing to do! Many just don’t know what it actually is! This interesting point of view post is by Greg Wood, CEO of Illuminet Solutions Ltd, a new KigoSpaces contributor.

What is Robotic Process Automation?

Many organisations are looking at robotic process automation (RPA) to eliminate tedious tasks, freeing corporate workers to focus on higher value work.

12 Quotes That Question Artificial Intelligence in 2019

In order to put together an overall picture of AI from a different angle, read some quotes that provoke curiosity and reflection rather than find solutions. This post (previously published on DZone) is by Frederic Jacquet, a Technology Evangelist in Artificial Intelligence and Digital Transformation.

The Five Big Business Benefits of Robotic Process Automation

There are many business benefits to adopting Robotic Process Automation (RPA). This post is from Neha Kumari, Software Engineer at Royal Bank of Scotland Business.

RPA Implementation – What Organisation Structure?

Within the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) community there is a lot of talk about to organise for RPA implementations. This post is from David Martin,  RPA & Cloud Specialist, Ether Solutions.

How to Define Your Global Digital Transformation Strategy

Every organization has a lot of decisions to make regarding its digital strategy. But, companies with international operations have an entirely different set of decisions to make and challenges to address. This post is by Eric Kimberling, CEO of Third Stage Consulting.

Digital Transformation 101: The Cost of Doing Nothing

Investment in digital transformation is a necessity for any business today. However, it is seen as a necessary evil for many organizations rather than an opportunity for competitive advantage. This post is by Eric Kimberling, CEO of Third Stage Consulting.

Digital Transformation, Agile and Change Management

Way back in 2008, I was working on a large solution for Expense and Budgeting for Mutual Funds. It was a unique experience as for the first time I was using Agile and it was interesting to have a lot of user representation in the project. This post is from Hitendera Dubey, Vice President, Strategy and Change

Opportunity is Everywhere – Become a PRESTO Consultant Partner

Topp Tactical Intelligence has just published their 2019 partnership program for consultants. They are looking forward to partnering with consultants as their IT service provider and as performance enhancement business consultants.

What Are the Main Startup Costs and How to Reduce Them

So one day you wake up and realize you have an idea for a startup. Or slowly in the back of your head something keeps brewing for months until you come to a product that you would like to build. It’s all great, but between the idea and a company or a product there is

Emerging Technology Trends To Keep An Eye On In 2019

Software development has been around for decades and will always be a crucial part of our world, impacting pretty much everything around us. However, the technological progress means that software development also moves forward. Let’s take a look at some technology trends that will likely dominate this year. This post is by Ideaction, a new

Continuous Improvement Can Lead “Breakthrough” Improvement All At Once

Continuous improvement is an ongoing effort to improve products, services or processes. These efforts can seek “incremental” improvement over time or “breakthrough” improvement all at once. Ideation for continuous improvement is a key component to any successful business.

John Has A Dream of His Own Mobile App But Does Not Have The Resources

Let’s start with a story. John is a 22-year old living in a small town in Oregon. Instead of moving to a big city and getting a job or start his own enterprise, John wants to help the community. This post is about a new startup, Ideaction, who have an innovative process to help people like John who

War on Costs and Waste: A Fresh Approach to KPI Management

Digital Transformation KPI management solutions can accelerate tactical decision making to manage daily KPI performance indicators to reduce costs and waste to maintain and  increase competitive advantage. The effective use of these new technology solutions will help organisations to win the war on costs and waste.

Implementing Emerging Technologies in the Gulf

Today, the leadership of this young nation, Saudi Arabia, is ably steering the country towards self-reliance in almost all spheres of life. They have vigorously embarked on bold new ventures embracing emerging technologies— only as can be expected from the chivalrous and daring. The same can perhaps be said about most other Gulf countries, too.

A New Google Tool That Monitors Climate Change

Google is trialling a new tool that monitors climate change — Environmental Insights Explorer. The trial is currently being run across five cities, including Melbourne.  The other locations are Buenos Aires (Argentina), Victoria (Canada), Mountain View (US) and Pittsburgh (US).

Happy People are More Productive!

Although better late than never, many organisations are now beginning to realise their most valuable asset is their people or using the current term – human capital. HR departments are now looking at Digital Transformation solutions to make the best of their people as part of developing their digital strategy for the future.

The PRESTO Digital Transformation Solution Overview

PRESTO Digital Transformation is an affordable performance enhancement operating model change management solution allowing organisations to put the principles of lean and operational excellence at the core of their digital transformation strategy.

BPM Operational Excellence From The Cloud

There is a lot of interest in the Digital Transformation of organisations at this time and this continuous improvement applications PRESTO, may be of interest as it marries the management of the organisation’s business operating model (including its IT support strategy and its business processes) to the individual growth plans of the organisation’s most valuable

3 Simple Reasons to Convince your COO to Invest in Continuous Improvement automation

This is a post by a new KigoSpaces contributor,  Andrew Lenti, Co founder and CEO at TOPP Tactical Intelligence Ltd on automated operational excellence to foster loyalty and maximise performance.